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Our team at Lokhandwala Trading LLC consists of dynamic and experienced professionals who are dedicated to excellence in the trading industry. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our employees bring extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of global markets. We prioritize staying ahead of market trends, employing innovative strategies, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize client returns. Our emphasis on integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction helps us build lasting relationships and provide tailored trading solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.
As the Founder and CEO of Lokhandwala Trading LLC, started my journey from 2010. I am a driven and visionary leader in the trading industry. With a wealth of experience and a relentless commitment to excellence, I have built a thriving company that provides innovative trading solutions and fosters strong client relationships. make strategic decisions and clear the path of operational and financial obstacles along with building alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
Zenab Habib Managing Partner
With a decade-long tenure at Lokhandwala Trading, I proudly serve as the Managing Partner. I am responsible for formulating and implementing the company's business strategies, diligently analyzing challenging situations, and providing effective solutions to ensure the sustained growth and success of our organization. Through my expertise, I strive to secure our company's position and drive its continuous advancement.
Shabbir Moiz Chief Operating Officer
With a proven track record of 14 years in overseeing operations, I, as the General Manager of Lokhandwala Trading, am committed to driving excellence. Through effective staff management, budget allocation, and strategic pricing, I aim to enhance customer attraction and ensure the smooth functioning of all departments. My goal is to lead our company to sustained growth and customer satisfaction.
Zulfikar Taher Chief Financial Officer
Bringing 13 years of unwavering commitment to Lokhandwala Trading, I am honored to be the Administrative and Finance Manager. My role involves meticulous oversight of annual budgets, efficient management of salaries and employee benefits, adept handling of legal affairs, and ensuring seamless integration of logistics and information systems. I strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence and contribute to the company's continued success.
Tareekh Head of Dispatch and Logistics
Having dedicated 10 years to Lokhandwala Trading, I am the Head of Dispatch and Logistics. My responsibilities include managing all paperwork associated with delivery orders, ensuring seamless credit and invoice processing. I also oversee driver routes, handle route changes, and monitor delivery and pick-up times, ensuring efficient and timely operations.
Alex Sales Manager / Overseas Procurement Executive
With 5 years at Lokhandwala Trading and a total of 7 years in the industry, I serve as the Sales Manager and Overseas Procurement Executive. I excel in cultivating strong client relationships, achieving sales targets, and meeting customer needs. Additionally, I specialize in identifying global vendors, coordinating with them, ensuring document approvals, maintaining marketing materials, and actively participating in bidding procedures.
Ammar Asgari Sales Executive
As a Sales Executive at Lokhandwala Trading for the past 3 years, my role involves conducting product demonstrations, participating in exhibitions, conferences, and meetings, and negotiating contracts. I am also responsible for maintaining accurate records throughout the sales process, ensuring efficient communication and effective management of client relationships.
Shabbir Abdeali Purchase Manager
As the Purchase Manager at Lokhandwala Trading, I have been with LKT for 5 years. My responsibilities encompass reviewing and processing purchase orders, as well as meticulously maintaining records of goods ordered and received. With my attention to detail and efficient management, I contribute to the smooth functioning of our procurement operations.
Mohammed Afsal Accountant
As an Accountant at Lokhandwala Trading for the past 2 years, my primary responsibilities revolve around financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and maintaining accurate financial records year-round. With a meticulous approach, I ensure the integrity and accuracy of financial data, contributing to the smooth financial operations of the company.
Badri Public Relations Officer
In my role at Lokhandwala Trading for the past 2 years, I handle the crucial task of liaising with the Immigration and Labor department. I am responsible for identifying and fulfilling the company's requirements, processing and obtaining necessary documents. This includes acquiring labor approvals, entry permits, employment visas, labor cards, labor contracts, residence visas, and facilitating various document clearances, among other related responsibilities.
Fakhruddin Husain Sales Marketing
With 12 years of sales and marketing experience, I excel in developing and implementing growth strategies.
Yahya Sales Marketing
In my 3-year sales and marketing tenure at LKT, I drive business growth through effective strategies. Market research, customer relationships, and targeted campaigns help me consistently surpass sales
Murtuza Z. Purchase Assistant Experience
As a Purchase Assistant, I support procurement activities by sourcing suppliers, obtaining quotes, issuing purchase orders.
Murtuza B Overseas Sales And Marketing
With 7 years of experience in overseas sales and marketing, I drive global business expansion through strategic initiatives.
Mohammed S. Warehouse Coordinator
As a Warehouse Coordinator at LKT, I oversee inventory management, coordinate shipping and receiving, and ensure efficient operations.